Celebrate Your HR Success with a Workforce Optimas Award

Has your organization faced a business challenge such as rapid growth, regulatory action, merger, etc. Did that challenge provided a springboard for a workforce management initiative integral to the solution? If yes, then you should apply to the Optimas Awards.

Since 1991, the Optimas Awards have been a source of ideas, direction and inspiration for human resources professionals. The Optimas Awards celebrate HR’s success at solving some of the biggest business challenges of our time. Each year, the Optimas Awards are given by Workforce magazine to recognize human resources and workforce management initiatives that achieve business results for the organization.

The Optimas Awards consist of 21 organization recognition awards across a range of categories, recognizing workforce management initiatives at organizations worldwide. Categories are:

General Excellence: The top award, while not open to general nominations, will be selected by judges and given to the organization whose workforce management initiatives have met the standards established for at least six of the other nine categories.

Benefits: This award recognizes organizations that designed, developed or implemented innovative benefit programs that achieved organizational goals.

Business Impact: This award recognizes organizations that have developed a program to deliver significant financial impact or forge or maintain a winning edge over the organization’s competition.

Corporate Citizenship: This award recognizes organizations whose corporate citizenship programs are demonstrably and successfully linked to its employee recruiting, retention and engagement goals.

Global Outlook: This award recognizes organizations that have created a program or strategy to help the organization succeed in the world marketplace.

Innovation: This award recognizes organizations that have developed an innovative workforce management strategy that addresses a fundamental business issue.

Managing Change: This award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated adaptability and agility in successfully developing a program in response to the changing business environment.

Partnership: This award recognizes organizations that have developed or implemented a program in partnership with another constituency, either within the organization or outside of it.

Recruiting: This award recognizes organizations that developed and implemented an innovative and effective recruitment initiative that helped the organization source, attract and recruit job candidates.

Training: This award recognizes organizations that developed a targeted training program that addressed a significant corporate priority and delivered measurable results.

Vision: This award recognizes organizations that anticipated internal or external trends and responded creatively, effectively and proactively.

Entries for the 2017 Optimas Awards opens April 14, 2017.

For more information visit: Workforce Optimas Awards