Search learners in the LMS based on their training

Have you ever wanted to find an employee based on the training they’ve taken or the qualifications they have? The GeoTalent Learning Management System accomplishes this through the “By Training” Search.

GeoTalent lets you locate learners based on their learning records using rule-based searching in the “By Training” panel. You can search for learners who have (or have not) completed or are enrolled in certain courses. You can also find learners who have specific skills, are waitlisted or are required to take particular courses.

By combining search rules together, you can narrow your list even further to get lists of learners with specific qualifications or those needing to take specific training. If you use multiple rules, GeoTalent lists learners who have met all rules, or you can adjust the search so that the list will show learners who have met one rule or the other. For example, you can ask the system to show you learners who have taken “GeoTalent Basics” or who have taken “GeoTalent Overview” and who have the “Scheduling” skill.

Built-in search rules include:

  • Has taken course
  • Has completed course
  • Has completed course between dates
  • Has taken course with status
  • Has taken course with status between dates
  • Has taken version of a course
  • Has completed version of a course
  • Is in a program
  • Has completed a program
  • Is in a job role
  • Is qualified for job role
  • Has skill
  • Is waitlisted for course
  • Must take waitlisted course between dates
  • Is planning on taking a course
  • Must take planned course between dates
  • Is waitlisted for program
  • Must take waitlisted program between dates
  • Is planning on taking program
  • Must take planned program between dates

Although the list of pre-defined searches is extensive, there may be times when you wish to search based on other criteria for which rules do not exist. For those times you can add custom search rules to the ‘By Training’ list by writing macros to respond to a number of pre-defined events.

By default GeoTalent selects learners who have met the rule(s), however, you can modify the search to select learners who have not met a rule. The search table is designed to let you quickly modify columns, sorting and features, as well as filter searches by date ranges. You can save a set of rules to re-use and modify them later if you need to revise dates or other criteria. Any changes to the table layout are automatically saved for each administrative user. You can also send the search results to a Quick Report that can be exported to Word, Excel, HTML, email, text or any ODBC source to utilize the data further.

GeoTalent’s flexible searching lets you find the information you need quickly when you need it — helping you make the most of learner data. These advanced search functions enhance administration and increase productivity.