Why are Rage Rooms all the rage?

An article in the Guardian recently explains that “facilities across the US are offering angry people the chance to smash things to their heart’s delight.”

The feature features one rage room in Houston, Texas that caters to those affected by the economic downturn and slumping oil prices. The rage room offers frustrated clients the opportunity to “come and blow off steam with the help of a baseball bat and some inanimate objects.”

Recreational destruction facilities have been around since at least the recession of 2008. The reason for the success of such places? The writer quotes a clinical psychology professor as saying, “Businesses often fail to prepare employees for the trauma of losing their jobs, exacerbating a sense of frustration.”

The article warns, however, that experts say any satisfaction gained is only temporary. “…despite the short-term thrill, he doubts that ‘destructotherapy’ is a genuinely useful form of anger management because it does not solve underlying issues.”

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