Reporting in GeoTalent Flex

GeoTalent offers several report options for complete monitoring of activities and results, and we’ve included hundreds of standard reports to give you the data you need immediately.

Quick Reports represent data in a simplified row/column format, are easy to modify and run extremely swiftly. Graphical Reports use a built-in designer to create more complex reports that support groupings, page sizes, fonts, colors, lines, sub-reports, charts, cross-tabs and more. Chart Reports display information visually.

Our reporting functionality lets users create fields in the database, customize dialogs for data entry/manipulation and show customized fields within any report. Reports can be exported directly in HTML, RTF, Text of ASCII, to Word or Excel, and administrators can create merge letters for Word or SMTP and MAPI-compliant e-mail applications such as Outlook.

We’ve also included a report wizard for creating new reports along with a range of sample reports—and reports can be added, copied and customized. The built-in Report Designer includes a macroing language to perform calculations and control output.

In addition to controlling grouping, fonts, colors, spacing, graphics, lines and alignment, you can embed logos, maps, icons, symbols and watermarks. The report will automatically scale images as necessary when printing, and you can specify image stretching, aspect ratio maintenance and centering.

We’ve designed our reporting system to help you utilize up-to-the-minute information for accounting, HR or other business processes & verifications—or it can be used to improve the design of training or the selection of methods and materials. Reporting can also provide Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to validate training, justify costs or evaluate the extent to which the desired return was achieved.

The GeoTalent reporting options give you the information you need in the format you want—without purchasing or installing other applications or tools.

The Graphical Report Designer offers menus, trees, toolbars, and bands that let you control grouping, fonts, colors, spacing, graphics, lines and alignment.

A report can include a chart based on either the main report data or data from a sub-report (typically displaying multiple charts — one for each record displayed in the report).
Sub-reports are used when you wish a report to display two different sets of information in one report. Normally, a report can only display one list — based on the information within the report. However, displaying two lists is possible using a sub-report.

Cross-tabs compare multiple values from one field to another in a table. For example, you might wish to include a report listing the number of enrollments for each organization by status. Themes & Settings: The Chart Editor includes settings and properties to control nearly every aspect of the chart data and appearance. Using a theme creates a professional looking chart without having to set all the individual chart properties such as colors, sizes, backgrounds, etc.

A chart series is a definition of how a set of information should be charted, including the data, type of series (pie, bar, point, etc.) and appearance. Each series also has properties specific to the type of series. This includes appearance, data, etc. used in displaying the series. The data source defines where the data for the series will come from. Within GeoTalent, a series typically gets its data from the report data or dataset.

You can set up a chart to support drill-down reporting. This allows the user to double-click on one of the items within the chart and the system will run another report – typically one displaying the information making up that item. The drill-down report can be any other type of report, including another chart report.

As you can see, our GeoTalent product line provides the most comprehensive reporting available in any Talent Management System on the market today.

Product Info: Reporting in GeoTalent

GeoTalent offers hundreds of standard reports to give you the data you need immediately. We offer advanced reporting tools that are fully integrated into the LMS. Our Flex Reports dashboard lets you track and analyze the performance of each and every learning activity. All reports can be downloaded or exported in multiple formats.