GeoTalent Flex = Global Accessibility

One of the most powerful capabilities of GeoTalent™ is the ability to create different portals with specific access rights, courses, positions, titles and even languages — all sharing information from the same application.

A Portal consists of a set of options, access rights and style settings that can be associated with a particular department, organization or geographic region to control the information users access.

With GeoTalent Flex portals, you can let users of one portal to see courses, programs and positions not available to others.
You can track programs or positions specific to individual departments or organizations. You can define access to and use of courses, reports, programs and positions. You can specify business rules for different organizations or departments (for example, a student from one portal may require supervisor’s approval to enroll in a class, while a student accessing another portal may be confirmed automatically). Clients can limit access to courses, programs, positions and more by portal so that online users accessing one portal see different information than users of another portal. A client can run several portals at the same time with each one offering different business rules.

Portals are assigned by organization, and many different organizations and corresponding portals can operate from the same GeoTalent database. One server = many portals. Dozens, or even hundreds, of portals can operate from the same GeoTalent database. The only limit is the number of portal licenses a client wishes to purchase.

Through the application of portals, enterprises can diminish the impact of space, time and distance by breaking apart business functions and applying appropriate rules. And since GeoTalent scales from thousands to millions of users, the possibilities for organizational development and growth are endless.

Flex has multi-language support for Web access and offers the capability for adding new languages and localization with language tags and user-defined terms. Flex includes built-in language tables for all terms used within the web interface. Built-in to the system are language tables in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Canadian French, South American Portuguese and more. Flex provides multi-byte language support and offers Japanese ands Chinese language translations.

End-users can change languages dynamically, allowing them to switch languages on the fly and have the option of changing their default language log-on. The language tables support different terms and allow you to alter specific tags and localize the language and/or change tags to suit your terminology.

Clients can create custom statuses with different names or purposes to fit their unique business practices, cultural or industry needs. Custom tags can be used to provide translations for user-defined terms.

By using the portal capability in GeoTalent different departments, organizations or geographic areas can localize the information their users see on screen. The data can be stored on the same TrainingPartner database, but administrators can access the language tables for each portal and change terms to reflect the business or industry at any time.

With access available in several languages and support for custom terminology, GeoTalent provides a truly global solution to your learning management needs regardless of where or how you operate across the globe. Using portals, organizations can operate globally and deal with multi-national issues while controlling information using a single database.


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