GeoTalent Flex: The Most Flexible LMS on the Market

GeoTalent provides off-the-shelf simplicity with the flexibility to mold to your unique organizational rules, internal branding, workflows and processes.

User-centered Design: GeoTalent Flex offers an intuitive, engaging, mobile-optimized interface designed for all your users. Streamlined processes and informative dashboards provide administrators, supervisors, instructors and learners with task-oriented workflows.

Fully Responsive: The Flex interface is completely responsive and supports mobile learning securely with full compliance to industry regulatory standards. Pages dynamically adapt for all devices.

Comprehensive Administration: GeoTalent gives you the tools to manage all your behind-the-scenes tasks including administration of learners and resources, scheduling ILT, distributing elearning, and pushing learning based on job roles — complete with three built-in reporting engines and more than
500 standard reports.

Unparalleled Configurability: Flex gives you total control over your learning environment by letting you design your web pages for a truly customized learning experience.

Compliance Ready: Programs, prerequisites, course versioning and upgrades help you meet the changing regulatory landscape. Automated certification and renewal processes reduce liability. Comprehensive audit trails and detailed reporting provide stakeholders and regulators with the data they need.

Built-in Ecommerce: With GeoTalent, you can provide your learners with a secure and reliable Web-based payment system.

Throughout Flex, details are available in pop-ups so learners can access information without having to leave the screen they’re working in. Dashboards provide a central location for users to view, access, and interact with learning and development information. Organizing and presenting information intuitively for quick and easy responses, dashboards save time and energy.

GeoTalent offers efficient search features, Filters are conveniently located within the page to assist users with finding the information they require. Full integrated into the LMS, our reporting system lets you track and analyze the performance of each and every learning activity. GeoTalent offers hundreds of standard reports to give you the data you need immediately and all reports can be downloaded or exported in multiple formats.

Other features include internal messaging and role-based learning and development plans, which play a central role in the GeoTalent. With unlimited scalability, GeoTalent Flex is designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Using our portals and multi-language functionality organizations can operate globally and deal with multi-national issues while controlling information using a single database. A sophisticated new data access layer ensures optimal performance for all customers. And our flexible licensing program lets you choose subscription or perpetual.

Product Info: GeoTalent Flex Interface Overview

GeoTalent Flex provides off-the-shelf simplicity with the flexibility to mold to your unique organizational rules, internal branding workflows and processes.