Introducing GeoTalent Flex

 The most flexible Learning Management System on the market today.


Our customers asked us to create a responsive, intuitive and engaging user interface that was as flexible as our legacy Training Partner product line. The Result? GeoTalent Flex.

GeoTalent Flex is a new configurable web-based learning and performance management system. Flex features a responsive user interface optimized for mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

By utilizing GeoTalent’s unique configurable architecture, GeoTalent Flex builds on proven technology to let businesses create workflows that reflect their distinct business needs.

A revolutionary new data access layer offers outstanding performance and scalability. GeoTalent Flex is designed to scale from hundreds to thousands of simultaneous users without performance degradation.

Comprehensive features include a sophisticated development plan, social learning, informative dashboards, and streamlined workflows.

Other new features include development plans, Section 508/WCAG compliance, social learning, document uploads, internal messaging and improved usability.


Supervisor Dashboard Should be on previous page Dashboards provide a central location for users to view, access, and interact with learning and development information. Dashboards organize and present information for quick and easy responses, saving time and energy.

The Supervisor dashboards provide a preview of student activities and course statistics, while the learner dashboard gives the student relevant performance metrics such as training progress.

Dashboards are an intuitive way to provide the most important information to learners, supervisors and instructors as soon as they log into the system.

Throughout Flex, details are available in pop-ups so learners can access information without having to leave the screen their working in. Users quickly acquaint themselves with the few screens they need to regularly access.

Responsive Interface

GeoTalent Flex offers an intuitive, engaging, mobile-optimized interface.

The Flex interface is responsive and supports mobile learning securely with full compliance to industry regulatory standards. Pages dynamically adapt for all devices.

Flex is designed to work on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, supporting users from around the world with access in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese plus additional languages.

Multi-filter Search

GeoTalent offers a simple but effective and efficient search facility.

Filters are conveniently located within the page to assist users with finding the information or content they require.

Simply click to get the screen you need to perform an action once you’ve completed your search.

Development Plans

The Development Plan is a central feature of GeoTalent.

With this new development plan, organizations can set up required training for employees based on position/job role, the department they work in, or any learning groups they belong to.

Learning is pushed to the learners automatically based on these associations and required deadlines for compliance.

Once GeoTalent is configured, employees are automatically notified and guided through the process of meeting requirements.

Using Flex, supervisors can review their learners’ development plans quickly and easily on one screen.

Internal Messaging

Internal messaging lets users communicate without leaving the system.

Following the trend of systems like Google+ and Facebook, GeoTalent Flex features an internal messaging interface.

Messages can be from other users or generated by the system as notifications. On a regular basis, the system can send an email to users notifying them of pending messages. This reduces the number of emails sent to employees by the system and centralizes everything related to Learning and Performance Management in one place.

Features & Functionality

You can centrally register, deliver and manage all forms of learning including instructor-led, virtual and self-paced — and Flex tracks both internal and external training. Courses can contain video, documents, quizzes and web content.

Learners can view and register for courses and curricula that have been made available to them based on criteria established by the training administrator.

SCORM and AICC compliance lets you import, launch and track any content developed to those standards.

Certifications track units and credits and can consist of self-paced and instructor-led training events.

Multi-level organization management lets you administer learners by company or department, supporting both internal and external learners.

Diverse groups of learners are supported using portals providing for multiple brands as well as differing workflows, course requirements and business rules.

The built-in notification system supports automated notices for recertification, reminders and confirmations.

Distinct workflows provide Supervisors, Learners and Instructors with role-specific functionality.

Ecommerce supports selling training to suppliers, customers or internal learners.

Using our powerful APIs, we can integrate Flex with your HR, Financial, CRM and other enterprise applications. Organizations can deliver, track, and report on multiple learning activities all while seamlessly integrating with other enterprise systems.

As you know, GeoTalent offers the most extensive reporting in the industry with three report engines and more than 500 pre-built reports that come standard with the administrator system.

Administrators have access to the most robust, feature-rich learning management system on the market.


Many learning management systems claim to be configurable but ultimately only offer online branding.

With GeoTalent Flex, there is no need to live within the constraints of a default configuration. Thought you couldn’t optimize workflows or add unique processes because of compliance issues? GeoTalent Flex gives you control over your learning environment by letting you design your web pages for a truly customized learning experience.

GeoTalent Flex lets you continue to meet regulatory compliance even after customization and tailoring — and keeps you on the upgrade path since changes are held outside the core system.

Flex provides off-the-shelf simplicity with the flexibility to mold to your unique organizational business rules, internal branding, workflows and processes.  Change the look-and-feel of web pages including colors, fonts and graphics

Modify terminology including renaming fields and dialogs, rewording instructions or adding new languages

Alter information to be displayed such as adding extra columns to a table, hiding fields, adding custom fields, or changing the order in which information is displayed

Control access to pages and information for different user groups through portals

Create new web pages to provide additional functionality, display specific content, or provide alternate processes for existing functionality

Integrate the web interface with third-party and proprietary systems

Trusted since 1992 to provide customers with reliability, availability and serviceability, GeoMetrix Data Systems offers you the most flexible LMS in the marketplace. Sophisticated and modern, GeoTalent Flex helps you create an engaging experience for your users, whether they are employees, customers or partners.

Applying more than 20 years of development experience, we’ve created a product with unparalleled flexibility and extensibility, while giving your users the interface they crave. No other LMS offers enterprise functionality, ease-of-use, performance, extensibility, configurability and a seamless upgrade path.

If you need more flexibility and functionality than what the average LMS provides, take a look at GeoTalent Flex.

Engage your learners with a fully-responsive and user-friendly interface.

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