GeoMetrix has customers in most sectors and industries, including manufacturing, high tech, health care, law enforcement, emergency services and government.

Featured Industries

We work in most industries and sectors and find that our products are well-suited to any organization that must meet training compliance and certification. Read about our work with specific industries here and in our Document Library.

Law Enforcement, Fire and Community Services

The software products that GeoMetrix develops provide full learning and performance management to a range of industries but are particularly suited to budget-conscious law enforcement, fire and community services agencies.

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Continuing Education

GeoMetrix works with continuing education departments to help them manage the on-going programmes they offer in person and online. Along with different look and feel for the portals, different data displays and options are available to users depending on the group's needs, creating an easy-to-use and intuitive online experience.

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GeoMetrix provides capabilities to cover all the needs of learning and performance management in any organization. To accommodate clients that do not wish such comprehensive functionality, the interface allows features to be disabled or hidden when not required.

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