GeoTalent Programming Tools: Online Designer

Bundled with the API is our Online Designer. The secret to this tool’s success is a customizable library of web-based components that provide virtually limitless extensibility to the GeoTalent system. Web designers can alter or replace any part of the web interface to accommodate even the most complex business processes within an organization.

Using the Online Designer you can provide additional functionality, display specific content, integrate with other systems or provide alternate processes for existing functionality.

Custom learning management solutions created with the Online Designer can be deployed without the need for plug-ins or special firewall configuration. And installing maintenance releases or new versions is accomplished with a minimum of time and effort thanks to the system’s unique component-based architecture. Tasks that traditionally required months of custom development can now be accomplished in days.

The Online Designer uses a simple paradigm that lets non-programmers create and modify web pages without the need to understand complex HTML commands or programming languages (such as .ASP or Java).

The Online Designer offers the ability to:

  • Change the look-and-feel of web pages: the Designer can be used to change the various colors, fonts and graphics within the web pages to match corporate standards.
  • Alter information to be displayed: the Designer can be used to alter information displayed in each page. For example, you could add an extra column to a table, hide a field, or change the order in which information is displayed.
  • Control access to pages and information: tou can use the Designer to control access to various pages or elements on a page based on the learner’s role, portal, or other criteria. For example, you might add a table to a page that only supervisors can see, or you might remove the ability for learners from a specific portal being able to access forums.
  • Create new web pages: you can also use the Designer to create new web pages. These could be to provide additional functionality to your Online interface, used to display special content, links to other systems, or to provide alternate methods for existing functionality for specific users.

Key to the Online Designer is that user changes to the online pages can be made while still letting the system apply software updates.

For more information about our programming tools for GeoTalent, please contact our sales department by calling 1-800-616-5409 or using the contact information on our About page.