GeoTalent Programming Tools: COM Library

In addition to the API, you can also purchase a COM library for GeoTalent. Sold separately, the GeoTalent COM provides a tool for organizations who wish to build a custom Learning or Talent management solution. The GeoTalent COM Application Programming Interface is designed for accessing key functionality within GeoTalent directly. This product is sold separately from the API.

The COM is self-contained and does not require any other libraries or functionality to be present. The GTOX does not require the GeoTalent Online Service or the GeoTalent Console application to be running. The COM exposes similar functionality to the GeoTalent Console’s GT (or the older TP2000 for TrainingPartner) object. It also includes considerable additional functionality.

The COM is implemented as an in-memory 32-bit and 64-bit COM object. This will allow multiple instances of the object to be invoked, and each can access different (or the same) GeoTalent databases simultaneously on a single machine.

The primary usage of the COM is for .NET pages running under IIS to invoke routines to implement complex logic within GeoTalent without requiring any online service or application to be running. The API may have uses beyond the IIS for other applications needing to invoke certain GeoTalent routines without having a copy of GeoTalent running.


The GTOX server object is the base object for the GeoTalent COM. The following are a list of routines along with syntax, parameters, return values, and descriptions.


The GTSQL object works almost identically to the TP2000SQL object in the GeoTalent Console application. GTSQL objects are created using the GTOX object’s CreateSQL method.


The GTDateTimes object is used to specify dates and times for creating and rescheduling classes. This object can also be used for other scheduling-related tasks involving working with sets of dates and times such as whether dates overlap, determining holidays, or previewing scheduling templates.
The GTDateTimes is a collection of four elements: a date, a start time, an end time, and a class day number. The class day number is optional. Each element represents a session, typically for a class. The elements are automatically sorted by date and start times.

GeoTalent COM Test Application

The GeoTalent COM Test Application allows testing of the COM.dll. The application is designed to either permit making calls to the GeoTalent COM or to make the same calls directly into the database internally. The later may be useful for testing purposes. The application is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


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