GeoTalent Programming Tools: The API

The GeoTalent Application Programming Interface (API) provides a comprehensive toolkit to customize your GeoTalent environment. From changing the look and feel, to writing custom pages and custom workflows, the GeoTalent API offers speed and flexibility.

Access to the GeoTalent API can be used for a number of purposes:

  • Requesting or updating GeoTalent information from within ASP or other server–side Web development environments. This can be used to safely view or update GeoTalent information from remote web–based applications.
  • Integration with the GeoTalent database via a desktop database application — for example, having an HR system automatically update GeoTalent when a new student is entered.
  • Updating remote copies of GeoTalent — for example, when you enter an organization in one copy of GeoTalent, it might use the API to add the same organization in a remote copy of GeoTalent.
  • Allowing other organizations to access your GeoTalent Online copy. You can use the API to give other organizations limited access to your GeoTalent Online information —for example, an organization could use the API in its corporate Web site while viewing or enrolling students directly into your copy of GeoTalent


The XML API is a protocol used for sending and receiving commands to a running copy of GeoTalent Online. The API uses the XML standard for encoding information both sent to and received from the online server. The XML API is considered a “low-level” API. In most cases, the control is the preferred method for communicating with GeoTalent Online, since the control handled much of the complex parsing of the XML commands.

The XML API commands form the low-level communication used in sending/receiving information to/from a copy of the GeoTalent Online. Using the API commands, the application is expected to do the following:

  • Encode the command in the appropriate XML format
  • Issue an HTTP POST command and passing the XML information as a single string
  • Retrieve the resulting XML information from the HTTP request
  • Parse through the returned XML information and pull out the results of the request</LI>


The Active-X control can be used directly by any application supporting COM. The control manages the sending, receiving, and parsing of the XML to/from the GeoTalent Online server. The control is far easier to use than the pure XML API and should be used in all cases except when the development environment does not support the use of COM technologies.

The GeoTalent API control is a non-visual Active-X control allowing developers to handle the sending and receiving of GeoTalent API requests to/from a GeoTalent Online server. The control simplifies the packaging, transmission, and parsing of the returned XML requests using the XML protocol.

GeoTalent Online API and Security

The GeoTalent Online API has a built-in system for verifying users and requests made to the server. The security system uses a SecurityId value. This value is initially retrieved from the server using a Logon command and passing in a valid username and password. This must be a valid username/password located within the GeoTalent user list. Once obtained, this SecurityId value must be passed with each request to verify the source. Without this parameter the server will not accept request from the client.


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