BDO’s Risk Factor Reports Spotlight Talent in One Way or Another

BDO is a professional services firm that has been providing financial and consulting services for more than 100 years. Each year it publishes reports related to the economy and business. These reports analyze filings by top publicly traded companies in various industries.

Most of the reports that have been published in the past few years list talent in the top risk factors. In some cases the issue is acquiring and retaining talent. In others it is regulatory compliance. As anyone in the talent or learning management world knows, meeting compliance is as dependent on employees and their training as it is on processes and technology.

The 2015 BDO Life Sciences RiskFactor Report cites FDA approvals and compliance at the top of the list of risk factors. “Not only do life sciences companies operate in an intensely competitive environment, they also face many hurdles when it comes to bringing their product to market… Companies also perceive compliance requirements as potential roadblocks. All 100 companies analyzed cite risks associated with FDA approvals and compliance, up from 94 percent in 2014…” To read more about the report or download it in PDF visit: BDO Life Sciences RiskFactor Report

According to the 2015 Technology RiskFactor Report competition triggers a battle for talent and acquisitions in the technology industry. “…all of the 100 largest public technology companies in the U.S. mention risks related to competition in their annual filings. However, competition isn’t limited to only product development and pricing. Increasingly, competition for human capital is really heating up as hiring becomes a top priority for leading technology firms. As such, 95 percent of companies mention concerns over their ability to attract and retain key personnel, up from 81 percent in 2014.” To read more about the report or download it in PDF visit: BDO Technology RiskFactor Report

The 2015 BDO Retail RiskFactor Report asserts that a tightening workforce boosts concerns about the labor market. “Labor risks remain top of mind for a full 96 percent of retailers. With strong overall job growth so far in 2015, retailers are facing an increasingly competitive labor environment, and are struggling to hire and retain qualified store associates and distribution center employees… Competition for top industry executives also remains cutthroat. On the hunt for dynamic leaders that understand both the industry and its digital evolution, four-in-five retailers cite risks related to attracting and retaining key management personnel.” To read more about the report or download it in PDF visit: BDO Retail RiskFactor Report


Reports on other industries can be acquired from the BDO website: