LinkedIn’s 2017 Workplace Learning Report

LinkedIn surveyed 500 L&D professionals from the U.S. and Canada, who either influence or are decision makers for their companies’ L&D budgets. These survey respondents are LinkedIn members who were selected based on information in their LinkedIn profile and were contacted via email in October 2016.

The results of the survey were published in LinkedIn’s 2017 Workplace Learning Report.

The goal of this report was to uncover the top trends — and top challenges — that L&D professionals are tackling in the workplace.

According to the report, talent is “the top priority for many organizations around the world today. Analysts agree: in order to gain competitive advantage L&D professionals must unlock the full potential of talent to drive business outcomes.”

The report goes on to discuss how talent is viewed at modern organizations, the top learning trends, and the current state of learning & development.

To download this report in PDF format visit: 2017 Workplace Learning Report