Bersin Webinar June 6: High-Impact Learning Organization Maturity Model

An increasingly global economy, rapid technological advances, and a more networked world have accelerated the pace of change with which organizations must cope to stay competitive. And while the world is changing more quickly than ever, most organizations have done a fairly poor job of adapting the employee development systems, processes, methodologies, and mindsets that enable workforces to effectively respond to change.

Bersin by Deloitte’s latest High-Impact Learning Organization research provides a vastly different picture of what organizations should be doing to effectively develop their workforces. The analyst’s new maturity model illustrates the point that work and learning should be intertwined and that learning organizations can embed learning in the everyday flow of work to have more impact on both business and employees.

In this webinar, Dani Johnson, Vice President, Learning and Career Research Leader, Bersin by Deloitte, will discuss the four factors that affect learning organization maturity and what L&D should be focusing on to stay relevant.

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