Apply to the 2018 Training Top 125 Awards until September 18, 2017

Training Top 125 is a worldwide ranking of organizations that excel at training and human capital development, as determined by Training magazine. Training Top 125 recognizes overall corporate training of internal employees.

Any company or organization can apply, as long as it does not provide training or training-related services to other organizations as its primary business. If it does, those services must constitute less than 5 percent of the organization’s annual revenue. All applying companies must either be a holding/parent company or a wholly owned subsidiary or division. (This does not apply to nonprofit agencies, government agencies, etc.)

The next Training Top 125 application is due September 18, 2017 and will be recognized at an Awards Gala held February 12, 2018.

To apply, fill out an application form and pay the $179 application processing and handling fee.

For more information visit: Training Top 125