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Our Innovation

Our Innovation
Our goal for our GeoTalent Learning & Talent Management software was to support the work you are doing to manage talent, but without unnecessary complexities. So we streamlined the interface and made the system more intuitive. We re-thought every workflow and reduced the steps to accomplish tasks. We designed a new communities section for social learning that users want to hang out in. And we did it all in an interface that feels fresh and clean.
Our Design
We tasked our learning management system user community at all levels of expertise to provide input into design and development. The result is an interface that focuses on the user experience. GeoTalent was designed to be logical with minimal screens and an emphasis on letting users know where they are at all times. Our developers have created a talent management system that your workers will actually want to use — while giving you the administrative capacity you need. Our Design
Our Concept
Our Concept In our experience, LMS and TMS users don’t want to navigate away from pages, so pop-ups and drop-downs have been used to provide the information required, without having to navigate. Visual maps simplify complex learning management and talent management tasks and processes. Screens are graphically rich and inviting. Interface elements are consistent throughout the application. Social learning, communities-of-practice, informal learning and so much more are supported.
Your Workflow
Simple but powerful searching lets users locate and enroll in learning events without leaving the screen. Drop-down accordions display details and provide simple on-click actions. Only information relevant to the task at hand is displayed, and functionality available only when and where it is needed. Details appear in pop-ups that can be accessed from many places. Users quickly acquaint themselves with the few screens they need to access regularly. Our Workflow
Your Experience
Our Experience You’ve already done the hard work creating learning & development programs, let us help you make your initiatives look as good as they are. Our talent management system supports your organizational and employee growth, and carries forward the momentum you’ve already begun. Whether you must meet compliance or have discovered a competitive advantage from talent management, we can help simplify the process for administrators and end users.

Our Service Model

GeoMetrix Data Systems is founded on the philosophy that the relationship with our clients is a mutual partnership in which both parties commit the resources necessary to move ahead with a successful implementation and long-term business relationship. We strive to provide relevant, practical and cost effective learning management, performance management and talent management solutions to our clients. Our support staff members make all reasonable efforts to resolve customer issues according to industry standard software support policies. Where necessary remote access is used to assist and in some cases a technician may be sent on-site.

Our Implementation & Project Services

Many resources are available to help you carry out an implementation of our software. Implementation specialists can carry out a comprehensive needs analysis to understand business requirements and assist in definition of the appropriate structure to meet management and administrative needs. The result is an implementation schedule designed to successfully integrate our system with an existing network structure. Software development resources can assist with requested reports or macros and add-ons. Systems integration and data migration services help import historical data by establishing migration protocols and standardizing data across departments and organizations, including conversion of existing systems and processes. Our personnel take the time to fully understand and interpret the customer’s requirements and accommodate these throughout the implementation.

Our Technical Support Services

GeoMetrix provides comprehensive technical support for all its products in accordance with currently accepted computer consulting standards and practices for services. Friendly, helpful personnel are available to assist customers through installation, configuration, use and troubleshooting. Specially trained to help you get the most from your system, our helpdesk technicians provide fast and efficient answers to your questions. We also maintain a library of Technical Support Documents to provide answers to common questions as well as information related to more advanced topics. Registered users can access a secure ftp Download Site where patches, upgrades, documentation and other files can be downloaded. Clients can track their support incidents online, and our website includes an Online Support Forum where registered users can post questions or discuss topics related to our software.

Our Annual Support & Maintenance Plan

Our full-service plan offers one year of technical support and one year of upgrades and all new releases. A plan for our software products help you keep up to date while managing your software costs. The once-a-year fee covers all your support needs up to 100 separate incidents and all software releases, and new versions are readily available without further billing. Based on the current licensing price of your software installation, the plan provides price protection for your software support and upgrading. The benefits include making it easier to budget for new functions and eliminating the need to seek additional funding to upgrade throughout the year. This convenience greatly simplifies software maintenance administration and helps improve expense management.

Your Experience

Fewer resources are required to maintain GeoTalent than are needed for a typical installed solution. And hosted users have access to the system in a fully managed, completely scalable and secure environment without the technology challenges. GeoMetrix was identified as having “…the lowest annual operating cost of any vendor due to a combination of reasonable licensing, customization and implementation fees,” by industry analysts Bersin & Associates.

Our Program

Our goal for the Alliance Program is to provide the most complete talent management solution in the market. Our program fosters relationships with outstanding organizations that offer complementary applications and services to our software including content from industry leaders, AICC/SCORM-compliant courseware providers, content authoring, assessment tools, virtual delivery systems, skill libraries and application hosting.

Our Alliance Program benefits mutual clients of GeoMetrix and its Alliance partners by providing:

  • Full-featured solutions using award-winning technologies from industry recognized leaders
  • AICC/SCORM-compliant complementary products from administration and management through courseware and delivery to libraries and more
  • An extended range of products, pre-tested for compatibility and reliability, ensuring tightly integrated solutions tailored to an organization’s needs
  • The combined experience of established and proven suppliers of solutions to millions of learners worldwide through some of the world’s largest and most preeminent organizations

Our program benefits GeoMetrix, its Partners and ultimately our clients by providing the most complete solution possible for learning and performance while providing Partners with additional distribution channels, access to a larger client base and supplementary revenue streams.

If your organization would like to receive the advantages of being an Alliance Partner, please email: GeoMetrix Partnering

Our Partners

Pillar Training Solution: US Hosting, Implementation & Training

The Pillar Training Solutions team has over 10 years of experience working with the software from GeoMetrix Data Systems. Pillar personnel are experienced in operating, modifying and upgrading learning and talent management software. Pillar Training can help you improve your administrative efficiency; reduce common errors through automation; develop a roadmap for implementing new functionality; gain control over your data with improved reporting; and add new functionality to match your needs. The Pillar team has both the technical knowledge you expect as well as a first-hand understanding of GeoTalent in a business context. For more information click here

NetKeepers/NI Solutions: Hosting & ASP Solutions

NetKeepers/NI Solutions has provided Internet-based content delivery services to customers across North America since 1994. The company facilitates the delivery of media and content for both managed and unmanaged applications and solutions through the use of progressive and innovative technologies. With a strong understanding of the challenges and issues faced by clients, the company takes pride in delivering services that successfully translate into practical technology solutions. For more information click here

KnowledgePresenter: SCORM-Compliant Authoring & Simulation Software

KnowledgePresenter is a powerful tool that helps you create high quality interactive e-learning and multimedia presentations professionally and rapidly – without programming. This includes everything from simple slide-shows through to sophisticated software simulations and tests. Designed specifically for eLearning, Knowledge Presenter has all the features you need to create accurate, professional, high quality SCORM-compatible content. For more information click here

WebEx: Virtual Conferencing

WebEx is an easy way to share ideas with anyone, anywhere. It combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing so everyone sees the same thing while you talk. It’s far more productive than emailing files and struggling to get everyone on the same page over the phone. And it can often eliminate the need for people to travel and meet on site. GeoMetrix is pleased to offer Webex integration in TrainingPartner for virtual classroom conferencing. More than 7 million people count on WebEx services every month to communicate and collaborate online. WebEx is a web-based service that lets you share presentations, applications, documents, and desktops, with video and integrated audio, in a rich-multimedia environment. For more information click here

Brilyan Learning: Asia Reseller

BrilyanLearning is the first e-learning solution provider in Indonesia that offers a one-stop solution from blueprint design and content development to technology integration and change management. BrilyanLearning is focused on aligning organization goals to address learning needs in order to optimize the development, delivery and management of training using the right approach and appropriate technology. BrilyanLearning services include corporate training, distance learning, knowledge management, customer education, online learning, virtual classes, e-universities and online schools. BrilyanLearning is a national leader and innovator in enterprise e-learning serving customers who require superior e-learning to power their human resources. Expanding into other countries now, Brilyan is the official reseller for GeoTalent and TrainingPartner products and services in Asia. For more information click here

Anderson-davis, Inc.: Workplace Harassment Services

With three decades of expertise, Anderson-davis, Inc. is the most experienced provider of training materials and consulting services in the fields of preventing harassment, building respectful workplaces, conducting investigations and facilitating the healing process. In addition to award-winning online training programs and customized classroom training solutions for harassment prevention, ADI also offers products covering generational and racial diversity, business ethics, and leadership development. Anderson-davis offers: Legal Expertise that Reflects the Latest Rulings and Court Decisions; A Variety of Curriculum Choices: Online Courses, Classroom Instruction and Video Products; A Customized Approach; Affordable Options Based on Your Needs; Award Winning and Critically-Acclaimed Products & Services. If you are a new or growing company and are beginning to develop a corporate compliance or training program, Anderson-davis can help. Anderson-davis has helped a number of firms who have never provided training to their employees or who don’t have time to do it in-house. For more information click here

BLR: Courseware & Content

BLR is a leading compliance information company. BLR helps organizations comply with federal and state legal rules and requirements related to employment (DOL), safety (OSHA), and environmental (EPA) compliance. BLR also offers customer service learning content. Employers know that they can count on BLR’s industry-leading compliance and training solutions to keep them out of legal trouble, avoid fines, and save money. BLR’s e-learning is offered through the Employee Training Center (ETC) at BLR. The ETC is a very simple e-learning launching platform. BLR has a floor sales team for small deals (15 – 20 FTEs) and a custom solutions team for more complex & larger deals (3 FTEs). For more information click here

Montpellier International Consulting: HR Consulting

Montpellier International Consulting (MIC) provides innovative consultancy and training approaches developed specifically to meet the individual, current and future needs of organizations in the United Kingdom. MIC is also an accredited Institute of Leadership and Management Centre providing a range of programmes for all levels from employee through to director in Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership, Management, 360 Feedback and Facilitation and Interpersonal and Communication Skills. MIC works with GeoMetrix in leveraging TrainingPartner and the new GeoTalent solutions to automate organizations’ strategic HR processes. For more information click here

Zwell International: Competency Content

Zwell International brings the best of social science to business, and has a 25-year track record of helping organizations optimize their talent to be high performing organizations and achieve their mission and objectives. Zwell combines its expertise in competencies, executive coaching, talent management, corporate culture development, and the latest software technologies to provide a unique set of capabilities that help you assess your management team, hire and develop the right leaders and employees, and develop effective processes to hire, assess, develop and compensate employees based on the competencies that determine high performance. Zwell services include management assessment, competency consulting, executive search and other projects to optimize human capital. Zwell offers one of the most effective and affordable competency libraries on the market for behavioral and sales competencies, complete with behaviorally anchored rating scales, interview questions, and developmental action steps. For more information click here

…we are able to provide detailed reporting about our overall compliance rates all the way down to the individuals who are not in compliance.
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